PROspections Testimonials

"When we bought our house last year and it came to the inspection stage, we contacted Ryan as he came highly recommended. He worked around our schedule and had excellent advice, even with our initial questions. During the inspection he showed us first-hand several items that he found, both short and long term concerns, and fully explained the issues to us. The inspection report came filled with photos and a comprehensive summary of the inspection. Very impressed with his professionalism and service, I would definitively recommend PROspections to anyone looking for an honest, reliable home inspection in Calgary. Thanks Ryan!" -- Jonathan S.

"Highly recommend PROspections for all your home inspection needs. Ryan is knowledgeable, honest and detail oriented--he's the right man for the job!" -- Jeff D.

"Having many years of restoration, flood and disaster recovery experience is why we chose Ryan for our home inspection. He saw some real concerns and we opted out of a house because of his recommendations." -- Bert D.